About Buck Rub Seasonings, LLC

About Buck Rub Seasonings, LLC

It all started back in the 1970’s in Antigo Wisconsin with some great home cooked meals with a family that enjoyed the celebration of the hunt along with the feast the hunt provided! The family recipes endured small changes from time to time but time always seemed to come back to the original ingredients. All ingredients in these special blends are freshly ground, co-packed and shipped fresh to your door for your enjoyment. Our slogan is “Never Trust a Skinny Cook” which I follow up with the nickname “Hungry”. Please enjoy our blends which I will back with a money back guarantee. These seasonings make great gifts so fill your shelves and pass them along.

About Our Spice Rubs

Hungry's Buck Rub Logo

Buck Rub

This venison seasoning is bar none the best in the business. Generously season ¼” thick steaks and marinade with components (oil, lemon juice, and butter) shown on the back of the bottle and grill for the absolute best steaks ever. I have personally converted hundreds of “non-venison eaters” to “venison lovers”. Another great idea is to generously season a roast with this blend and submerse in a crock pot filled with your favorite beef flavored base and cook all day on low or 4 hours on high. Eat with toasted french bread, melted mozarrella or pepperjack cheese for an amazing meal. For those non-believers cook a pork roast along with the venison to create a tasty combination.

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Burger Rub

This superb hamburger seasoning will make you jump and shout “wow”. Add this seasoning to burgers and enjoy the intense flavor it provides. For a little variety mix this seasoning with an egg, a few cracker crumbs, and a touch of lemon juice to make a great meat loaf or special burger.

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Rib Rub

Enjoy this special blend of carefully selected seasonings on any pork tenderloin, pork steaks, pork chops or pork roast. This unique blend is a great mix of traditional spices that add just the right amount of flavor to bring your pork alive. Season your meat generously, wrap tightly and allow it to marinate at a controlled temperature for a few hours before grilling to enhance the flavor. Let your meat come to room temperature before you grill.

Hungry's Steak Rub Logo

Steak Rub

This special blend of carefully selected seasonings is a great addition to any steak. This is a very traditional blend the old timers will love but has a hint of something different that all will love. Add this blend with a touch of garlic olive oil to your steaks. Rub meat with seasonings and allow to marinade for an hour or overnight for the steaks to absorb the flavor. Let steaks come to room temperature before you grill them to perfection. Enjoy this Northwoods twang!

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